About Us

5Star Dynasty Visions is a family business that is focussed on the visions of our youths, so we can give them the needed tools to create their own dynasty in the future. We believe that our youths will be the beter generation.


The name 5Star Dynasty Visions came out of the event planning company "Kels Vision 5Star Events" in The Hague, Netherlands. Where they have given multiple parties in the urban and caribbean scene in and around South Holland for over 3 years. 


5Star Dynasty Visions launched in 2019 as an catering employment agency in Belgium. We've supplied events with over 25.000 visitors around the Netherlands with staff that worked in the bar, cashier, ticket control and wardrobe. Events such as Zoetermeer WKND Festival, Parkpop, Dockyard, Latin Village, Bloemendaal and many more were our customers. To stimulate our staff we've given a salary far above the minimum wage. We've also worked with ambassadors that were the point of contact during the events for our staff, which received a bonus in all events that they were present. 


Since 2020 we have branched out in the area of promotion and marketing. 


Despite the pandemic that went on in 2021 we have seen that music is an area that keeps moving and growing. We then have made a partnership with Supreme Record Label where we were responsible for the promotion and marketing plan of each song that was launched. Our promotion and marketing plan was a great succes and Supreme Record Label has gained over 250.000 streams in less than a year. After this we have received a lot of requests from artists, models and entrepreneurs to do their promotion and marketing for their social media accounts. This was huge success that we've teamed up with ADAM for Artists to also be able to publish press articles.


We have closed 2022 with two multinationals as our customers. 


Making it possible for us to expand in 2023 by adding our own Magazine with an extra feature inside, making us get ahead of the competition. Social Media marketing is very underestimated, how much time and work it takes to get yourself good on the market. Be seen and also earn & progress on it. This is when we come in handy to help you with your visions and bringing them to life.

Litt 2017

Litt-Kings 010-Rotterdam


This event had a DJ only line-up. DJs came from around the Netherlands to perform their best set. Some of the DJs were Dj Richer, DJ Jay Martina and DJ Darren.

Caribbean Urban Xplosion white edition 2017

Club Empire


Ending of the summer with friends, real supporters and a great succes.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Club Cloudz


A romantic event with comeback and fun from our local DJ.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


Success sin stress brought the old vibes back.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


DJ Problem Child gave the romance a smile with fun.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


Giveaway with pink bubbles for the ladies.

Erotica 2021



A song we have promoted and marketed for Supreme Record Label and has now over 100.397 streams.

Kings World 2022

Kings World-Zuiderpark-The Hague


Our staff has worked behind the bars and toilet desk. The client was really pleased with their work.

5Star Magazine

5Star Magazine


The blog that makes you sit down and read about the real world!