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Welcome to 5Star Dynasty Visions, a thriving family business dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of our youth and equipping them with the tools to forge their own dynasties. Our unwavering belief lies in empowering the next generation, envisioning a better tomorrow shaped by their ingenuity.


Our journey commenced with the success of "Kels Vision 5Star Events" in The Hague, Netherlands, where we curated unforgettable experiences in the urban and Caribbean scenes for over three years. From this foundation, 5Star Dynasty Visions emerged in 2019 as a catering employment agency in Belgium. Over the years, we've played a pivotal role in staffing events of various scales, including Zoetermeer WKND Festival, Parkpop, Dockyard, Latin Village, Bloemendaal, and more, catering to over 25,000 visitors.


Distinguishing ourselves, we prioritize the well-being and motivation of our staff, offering salaries surpassing the minimum wage. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by strategic partnerships with ambassadors, ensuring a bonus for their presence at events and fostering a positive work environment.


Since 2020, we've expanded into the realm of promotion and marketing. Despite the challenges posed by the 2021 pandemic, our foray into the music industry yielded remarkable success. Partnering with Supreme Record Label, we orchestrated promotion and marketing plans that garnered over 250,000 streams in less than a year. This triumph paved the way for collaborations with artists, models, and entrepreneurs, solidifying our partnership with ADAM for Artists and enabling us to publish press articles.


Closing 2022 with two multinational clients, we set our sights on 2023 with ambitions to become a global fire brand by 2024. Our focus is on achieving verification and amassing a reach of 1 million followers on Instagram. We aspire to establish 5Star Dynasty Visions as one of the most prominent marketing agencies globally, renowned for our expertise in marketing consultancy, graphic design, elevating songs to new heights, and even gracing the billboards in the iconic Times Square, New York.


In 2023, our services expanded globally, covering Europe, America, Spanish Latin countries, and Eastern Europe. As we march towards our 2024 goal, envision experiencing the epitome of 5Star excellence in every interaction. Our dedication extends beyond services; it's about crafting a brand synonymous with unparalleled quality and innovation.


Anticipate a 5Star experience that surpasses expectations. Encountering the 5Star Dynasty Visions brand means witnessing the evolution of a brand committed to setting new standards in delivery, communication, consultancy, work, and quality. Join us on this journey towards 6-figure success, where our commitment is to guide you with personalized marketing consultancy, captivating graphics, and strategically placed blog content.


At 5Star Dynasty Visions, we transcend being just a company; we're a distinguished brand on the path to becoming the number one choice worldwide, collaborating with industry giants and gracing the global stage. Your success is our mission, and we're here to make every vision a reality.

Litt 2017

Litt-Kings 010-Rotterdam


This event had a DJ only line-up. DJs came from around the Netherlands to perform their best set. Some of the DJs were Dj Richer, DJ Jay Martina and DJ Darren.

Caribbean Urban Xplosion white edition 2017

Flyer of Caribbean Urban Xplosion 2017

Club Empire


Ending of the summer with friends, real supporters and a great succes.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Club Cloudz


A romantic event with comeback and fun from our local DJ.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


Success sin stress brought the old vibes back.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


DJ Problem Child gave the romance a smile with fun.

Lavish Valentine party 2017

Lounge Cloudz


Giveaway with pink bubbles for the ladies.

Erotica 2021



A song we have promoted and marketed for Supreme Record Label and has now over 100.397 streams.

Kings World 2022

Kings World-Zuiderpark-The Hague


Our staff has worked behind the bars and toilet desk. The client was really pleased with their work.

5Star Magazine 2023

5Star Magazine


The blog that makes you sit down and read about the real world!