Media Kit

With the logo package you get:


✨3-5 Logo design concepts (Main+Alternative+Submark) in JPEG and PNG.


And our social media package consists of:

📱6 posts on social media (templates) in your company's corporate identity.
🖼️ Social Media Cover (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
👤4 profile images
📇Double sided business card
📄Letter letter
📸Instagram Highlights
💌Invoice overview
🎨Color palette
📧Email signature
🔗Social icons
💌Thank you card

Including all source files (Jpeg, png, vector, source, pdf, mockups)

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Telegram Groups

Elevate Your Instagram Presence with 5Star Dynasty Vision's Exclusive Telegram Community Groups!

Discover the power of genuine engagement on Instagram through 5Star Dynasty Vision's dynamic Telegram community groups. Boasting multiple groups, including MIX, Verified Accounts, and Emoji Only, our platform connects hundreds of members seeking to enhance their Instagram experience organically. Best of all, these groups are entirely free to join!


🌟 Choose Your Community

Explore our diverse groups to find the perfect fit for your Instagram journey. Whether you prefer a mix of content, verified accounts for authenticity, or a playful Emoji Only space, we have a community tailored to your needs. Simply click on the image and apply for the group that resonates with you.


🚀 Simple Engagement Rules for Optimal Results

Boost your Instagram engagement effortlessly with our straightforward rules:


  1. Click on the last post within your chosen group.

  2. Press List to access curated links via our Telegram bot.

  3. Engage with the 6 provided links using a "minimum 4-word genuine sentence."

  4. Return to the group and share your link - watch as others reciprocate the engagement.



🌐 Expand Your Network

Enjoy the benefits of increased engagement and community support. Spread the word by telling a friend to tell a friend, contributing to the growth of our vibrant community – and the best part? It's all free for everyone to enjoy!

Join 5Star Dynasty Vision's exclusive Telegram community groups today and witness a surge in your Instagram visibility. Click, engage, and share the love to become part of a thriving network dedicated to organic growth. Your Instagram success story begins here!

Join our Telegram group communities for organic engagement on your Instagram page through the telegram community of 5Star Dyansty Visions.
Press here for the Engament group mix for Instagram by using Telegram community groups you will get organic traffic through the help of 5Star Dynasty Visions.
Press here for the Engament group Verified for Instagram by using Telegram community groups, you will get organic traffic through the help of 5Star Dynasty Visions.
Press here for the Engament group Emoji Only for Instagram by using Telegram community groups you will get organic traffic through the help of 5Star Dynasty Visions.


Your Gateway to Global Excellence!


🌍 Conquer with 5Star Dynasty Visions

Experience the evolution of a global leader as 5Star Dynasty Visions takes over the world! From dynamic marketing and captivating graphics to unparalleled music promotion and distribution services, we are your comprehensive solution for success on a global scale.


🎨 Creative Mastery

Delve into a world where creativity meets strategy. Our marketing and graphics services redefine excellence, providing you with visually stunning solutions that leave a lasting impression. Trust 5Star Dynasty Visions to elevate your brand with innovative design and strategic marketing approaches.


🎶 Amplify Your Sound Worldwide

Step into the spotlight with our music promotion and distribution expertise. Collaborating with both aspiring artists and multinational giants, we are committed to being the ultimate international marketing force in the music industry. Your sound, our global stage – let's make waves together.


🇧🇪 Proudly Belgian, Globally Recognized

Rooted in Belgium, 5Star Dynasty Visions is your local powerhouse with a global impact. Our commitment to excellence is proudly anchored in Belgian creativity and precision. Trust in our international prowess while enjoying the personalized touch that comes from our Belgian heritage.


🚀 SEO-Optimized Excellence 

Your journey with 5Star Dynasty Visions begins with an SEO-optimized experience. As a digital leader, we ensure that our online presence is easily discoverable, making us the go-to destination for global success. Navigate through our services effortlessly and witness your brand soar in search engine rankings.


🌐 Join the Revolution

Are you ready to be part of the global takeover? Choose 5Star Dynasty Visions as your ally in conquering markets, captivating audiences, and achieving unparalleled international success. Your journey to global prominence starts here. Welcome to the revolution!

The marketing skills of 5 Star Dynasty Visions have evolved through experience since 2017. Having been in this field for years, our experience is top-tier, and we can show you the ways that will benefit you

Bot installing

🚀 Transform Your Online Presence with 5Star Dynasty Visions' Specific Media Telegram Bot! 🌟


Struggling to ignite organic engagement on Instagram and other platforms?

Take charge and cultivate a thriving community with 5Star Dynasty Visions' revolutionary solution – the Specific Media Telegram Bot.



✨ Our Tailor-Made Services for Maximum Impact

Empower your digital journey with our specialized services, driven by the cutting-edge Specific Media


Telegram Bot:

🤖 Instagram Community Bots

🎵 Spotify Likes & Follows

🎥 YouTube Reels, Shorts, Comments, & Likes

📱 Platform

📇 LinkedIn Likes, Comments & Connections

💃 TikTok Likes & Comments

📈 Facebook Business Page Likes & Comments



🌟 Visibility Matters

In today's digital landscape, being seen and heard is paramount. Numbers are the key – more likes and comments bolster your credibility. Increase streams and views for expedited show bookings, a burgeoning follower base, and lucrative business opportunities. Let's turn your online presence into a commanding reality!


🌐 Trusted Marketing Excellence Since 2019

Meet 5Star Dynasty Visions, your esteemed marketing consultancy agency since 2019. We extend our specialized services to global superstars, artists, entrepreneurs, models, labels, and managers. Equipped with an array of in-house tools, we are dedicated to delivering nothing less than a 5-star service.


🌍🌟 Your Path to Digital Triumph Starts Here

Ready to elevate your social media game and turn dreams into reality? Choose 5Star Dynasty Visions as your digital ally. With the innovative Specific Media Telegram Bot and unwavering commitment, let's craft a strategy that propels you to the forefront of the digital landscape.

Join us on the journey where visibility transforms into success! 🚀

5 Star Dynasty Visions creates media bots for Telegram, such as those for Spotify, YouTube, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. These bots are used to create community groups and ensure that everyone receives the right traffic. The bots check for each member's correct way of engagement.


🌐✨ Ignite Global Recognition

Supercharge Your Social Media Presence with Our Dynamic Platform! ✨🌍


Unleash the extraordinary potential of global recognition with our revolutionary platform! 🚀 Elevate your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter presence through our meticulously designed daily, weekly, and monthly promotions. 📈 Witness the magic as your posts illuminate the explore page, projecting a captivating spotlight on your brand or music worldwide.

💥 Let's collaboratively turn your dreams into a vivid reality.


🌟 Key Features of Our Platform

🚀 Strategic Promotions: Experience heightened visibility with our strategic daily, weekly, and monthly promotions, precisely tailored to meet your unique goals.
📈 Explore Page Brilliance: Watch as your posts take center stage on the explore page, reaching a global audience and enhancing the recognition of your brand or music.
💥 Transformative Results: Partner with us to convert your dreams into a dynamic online presence, creating a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

🚀 Seize the Digital Spotlight
In the dynamic world of social media, visibility is paramount. Our platform ensures your content receives the attention it deserves, propelling your brand or music to new heights of recognition. 🌍✨


📈 Global Reach, Personalized Excellence
With our platform, global recognition is paired with a personalized touch. We comprehend the intricacies of the digital landscape, ensuring your promotions seamlessly align with your brand identity and objectives. Trust us to be your digital partner in achieving unparalleled success.


🚀✨ Ready to Shine Bright? Join Our Platform Today!
Step into the spotlight with our strategic promotions. Elevate your online presence, captivate global audiences, and watch your dreams unfold in the digital universe. Choose our platform for a journey where global recognition meets personalized excellence. 🌐💫

5 Star Dynasty Visions will help you with your social media promotions for all platforms, aiming to bring your platform to the explorer page and generate more organic traffic.

Event Planning

🌟 Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with the 5Star Experience at 5Star Dynasty Visions! 🌟


Are you prepared to transcend the ordinary and bring your event to the pinnacle of excellence?

Look no further! At 5Star Dynasty Visions, we don't just organize events; we craft extraordinary experiences that linger in the memories of attendees. 🚀


👉 Why Entrust Your Event to Us? ✅

Proven Success: Count on a legacy of success as we've orchestrated and managed a myriad of events, including festivals that drew over 10,000 ecstatic attendees. Your success story begins with ours! ✅


Full-Service Expertise: Experience the convenience of comprehensive event services. From meticulous event planning to handpicking the perfect venue, coordinating every intricate detail, securing top-tier artists, and facilitating ticket sales through our exclusive platform – we've got every facet covered! ✅


Running Youths Employment Agency:


Need an exceptional event staff? Our sister company, Running Youths Employment Agency, ensures a stellar team, adding an extra layer of expertise to your event.

Get in touch with us today, and let the enchantment of 5Stars weave its magic into every aspect of your event. 💫 Elevate your experience with the unparalleled expertise and commitment of

5Star Dynasty Visions! 🌐🚀

Book 5 Star Dynasty Visions for our top-tier event planning. With a script for your event and the setup of the artists, MC, and DJ, booking them at the best price is possible.